I uke 32 arrangerte vi sommercamp #2. Denne uken var det mulig for alle barn å melde seg på, også de som ikke er med på tennisskolen til vanlig.

Vår nye trener Alex tok utfordringen på strak arm, og på sin første dag på jobb tok hun ansvar for gjennomføring og planlegging. Dette står det respekt av. Takk også til Evelina og Linnea som var med som assistenttrenere de dagene hvor det var med ekstra mange barn. Her er en oppsummering av campen av Alex:

Wow! What a week! 💥
The Sommercamp uke 32 at Larvik & Stavern Tennisklubb was extremely successful. 😎
Throughout the whole week we focused on having FUN, learned the importance of doing things together as a TEAM, practiced solving challenges and becoming a better future ATHLETE. 💪🏻

We worked on mastering all crucial elements of tennis techniques and strategies and learned how to apply them in competition and games on and off the court. I can confidently say that all kids, have shown progress throughout the camp and have left stronger and better than they first started! 🎾

As a new coach here at Larvik & Stavern Tenisklubb, I am amazed with how talented, smart and motivated children we’ve had with us the past week. I am very happy, satisfied and proud of every player and feel incredibly lucky for having the chance to spend some time with your kids. 🤩

We all started as strangers on Monday, but through teamwork, mutual passion for the sport and everyday language classes we quickly became a FAMILY 🥰

I myself, have learned so much from the kids and became a better coach and person every day. I couldn’t ask for more.

Once again, thank you to all the parents and kids who showed up for our Sommercamp uke 32. Can’t wait for our next adventures together and hope to see everyone back in Sommer 2024!

Wishing everyone a fantastic last week of sommer and sending a lot of hugs to all the kiddos!

Coach Alex

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